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Sketches, renderings, shop-drawings, material and brand selection are just a small part of the universe that we are able to manage to respond to the necessities of our Clients



Schedule, boq, rfi, reports, quality control, material control represent the base of a trustable approach to the service of consulting



If you know the market and the brand you are at 50% of the job. We are able to link them together, to obtain an interior design project and give a full service of selection and so reach also the other 50%.



Bring magic in the dark, create volume without materials, create design with something untouchable. Nothing is harder than working without solid elements, but these are key elements in a project.



Appearance and knowledge, these are the differences between who is able to manage the amazing fabrics and who is not able to work in interior design. With a fashion-market approach we work on curtains, upholstery, cushions, home collection…



It’s not only a style, but a different way of considering architecture and design. We’ve worked with the best brands in the world, linked to the tradition of Italian, British and French styles. We’ve developed a different mentality and approach to satisfy those Clients who demand a Classical style.

Our Team

Consists of experienced architects and engineers, who develop the projects starting with a sketch and following it up to complete implementation.
We are specialized in interior design and management. The structure of the team and the people who compose it permit to develop and follow up a project through production shop-drawings, renderings, organization schedule, boq, selection and identification of brands, light and textile design and management.

Diego Quadrelli


Architect – Bachelor: Politecnico di Milano/T.U. Delft  – Master: ASP.
A decade of experience all over the World is not bad! For sure it’s not so much, but this means that something more can be done.
Nothing is more rewarding than a new road, in part different from before, but able to keep the same surrounding. This is my personal way of thinking and my approach to architecture.
Time is changing, work is changing, people and clients are changing so the only thing that we can do is following the water and adapting to any situation.