We project luxury comfortable spaces with smart solutions to avoid the sense of claustrophobia that you have in rooms without external view.

We use light diffusion systems, both on the ceiling and on the wall, to simulate natural light.

Big doors, pivot or sliding, and wall partitions, together with the use of reflective and mirroring materials, extend the perception of space and make it more dynamic.

We also pay special attention to the use of materials and their colors. We always try to use light, soft colors that make rooms look bigger.

Also the walls themselves can be used to give perspective illusion, helping to enlarge the space. This can be achieved using 3D wall and ceiling covering, or graphic decorative patterns that simulate perspective in association with light.

Plants decorate and give the feeling of being at home for real: we create self-sufficient irrigation and lighting systems, with no need of natural daylight.

Furniture plays an important role in our projects. We design custom-made loose furniture fitting every need, to give you maximum comfort and the ‘home-feeling’, even in an emergency situation.

We work in complete anonymity to ensure your privacy. We work only on your private cloud, so all the material produced in each steps of the project is yours, and can be easily shared and discussed with our team of experts.

We organize regular Skype calls to keep you updated on the project.